Articles for January 2013

Happy New Year

It’s now 2013.  We’ve survived the transition from the end of one Mayan long count cycle into the beginning of the next.  Just think, only 1,871,998 weeks to go before the next media frenzy over the Mayan calendar. Oh well, the media are a resourceful bunch. They’ll find a new crisis to pump up long before then.

2013 is going to be a year of big changes in business.  The United States will either get its fiscal house in order or it will drag itself and the reset of the world into an economic depression.  The European Union may beat the US to the punch if they can’t get a handle on the economies of the smaller struggling countries.  One political outcome is sure to be more regulation on economies and a heightened need for enterprises to understand what they are doing with their capital.

It is my belief that every enterprise should look at its entire operation from requirements through implementations and consider whether they are really doing what they’re supposed to do and create plans to remedy when they are not.

I intend to help by providing some ideas on how to do this.  I’m going to change the publishing schedule for this blog from twice per week to once per week so I can provide better material.  Expect a new article to publish each Sunday night (12:00am EST).

The “Mayan Apocalypse”  was drastically over-hyped.  I don’t believe we can over-hype the challenges that will face enterprises that lack understanding of their own requirements and operations in the coming age of global governmental fiscal crisis.

Happy New Year!