In a previous post, I described what I consider to be a fresh look at Enterprise Architecture. I offered the somewhat concise, but terse, equation:

Business-driven Enterprise Architecture = Requirements Satisfaction + (Risk Management + Transition Management)

I am going to spend the next several posts expanding on each of the concepts in the equation. My purpose is to demonstrate my premise that EA is a management rather than a technology function and therefore should be business-driven. I also want to reinforce the need for a true methodology rather than just a framework.

My next post will focus on Requirements Satisfaction.I’m going to define various levels of requirements and how they are discerned and then used in the BDEA methodology.

The subsequent post will focus on Risk Management. Enterprise Risk Management is the purview of Business Leadership. A disciplined BDEA program can bring much insight to Business Leaders as to what they really should be concerned about.

The final post will look into Transition Management. As the Enterprise moves forward in time, it will experience many and varied opportunities to change. Again, a disciplined BDEA program will give Business Leaders the information they need to move the Enterprise along.

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Last Modified: December 9, 2012

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