Business-driven Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture programs are hard to get started and even harder to sustain. That’s because they are often started and managed by technologists who are focused on building the next great system instead of growing the next great business. They desire copious amounts of management time to gather requirements and then promise to report back in a year to begin the next iteration. Business leaders have no time for this type of activity.

Business-driven Enterprise Architecture focuses on creating value to the business leaders by helping them match requirements to processes and processes to systems all-the-while reflecting the risks of the current state of their environments and helping to plan the transitions to the appropriate future state environments. Projects can be accomplished in shorter time frames and deliver significant insight to management as to the risks they face and the means to mitigate them.

Who We Are

We offer a Business-driven Enterprise Architecture expertise, methodology and supporting software to help organizations model their requirements, processes, and systems in order to

  • Determine whether “what they do” is “what they’re supposed to do”
  • Manage the risk when they aren’t
  • Manage the transition when they must change
  • Retain and leverage the knowledge they gain